Magate Phala & Associates - Labour Law Firm

The Firm

Magate Phala and Associates (Pty) Ltd is a dispute resolution agency built on sound legal and ethical principles. The entity continues to exceed client’s expectation. Our remarkable outcome made us a force to be reckoned with. We continue to make significant strides in providing excellent service and obtain impeccable results for our clients.

Magate Phala & Associates is a wholly black owned and BBBEE compliant company which specialises in legal dispute resolution services with specific focus in Labour Law, Commercial Law and Administrative Law. It has a reputation for providing exceptional legal solutions. Magate Phala & Associates is uniquely positioned as a pioneering legal and dispute resolution practice and has had a varied and prestigious client base from the very beginning and continues to maintain its position as one of the leading ADR in Republic of South Africa.

 Magate Phala & Associates - Labour Law Firm

Mr. Magate Phala

Mr Phala is a founding Director of Magate Phala & Associates and a seasoned Specialist in Labour Law. Magate Phala is an Executive Committee Member of the South African Society for Labour Law(SASLAW), Gauteng Chapter.

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Magate Phala & Associates has a reputation for providing an exceptional Labour Law service. Magate Phala & Associates is renowned for its commitment to excellence and for its ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex of Labour Law problems. Its clients recognise and value this.

To-date, Magate Phala & Associates continues to distinguish itself as top-rated Labour Law Firm. Its clients are leading local and multinational organisations across the financial services, energy, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality and leisure, real estate and construction, private equity, agribusiness, healthcare, information technology and manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Magate Phala & Associates acts for industry regulators, Trade Unions, the Government and governmental agencies-CCMA. Magate Phala & Associates has a specialised legal team that makes it, to deliver top of the range and exceptional Labour Law services.


Magate Phala & Associates’ vision is to provide its clients with skilled and professional legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. Magate Phala & Associates strives to handle each matter with accountability and responsiveness, as if it is representing itself. Magate Phala & Associates’ vision reflects its values: integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.


The consummation of deals and the resolution of disputes and compliance with the law are the reasons for Magate Phala & Associates’ existence as an organisation. In Magate Phala & Associates opinion, civil argument and reasoning is the path to peaceful resolutions and progress.

Magate Phala & Associates’ legal specialists exhibit a steadfast willingness to explore the alternatives to help resolve disagreements and then has ability to work with other parties to find and follow the best path. It is through the use of these skills that Magate Phala & Associates is able to deliver value for money services to its clients.